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Who We Are ?

Sistem Tubular

Sistem Enerji Uretim San Tic Ltd, started its activities in the production sector, in 1994 under the leadership of Nazım ÇİMEN, the founder partner who wanted to combine his experiences in the field of Mechanical Engineering with his ideals, and carried on its work under the name of “Sistem Tubular” brand.

Our company has created a team of engineers in the factory that uses advanced technology to carry out innovative designs. In this respect, we have the opportunity to develop, produce and present our products to consumers in a multi-purpose and functional manner.

About Us
Solar Heating System

Why Choose Us?

Provides Hot Water for 4 Seasons
Absorbent surface is selective and its efficiency is quite high
Every Time Hot Water
It continues to serve you throughout year.
Easy Installation
Its installation and transportation is quite easy, that is portable.
Aesthetic Design
Solar Water Heater Systems are designed to be integrated to roof.
Vacuum Tubes

Solar vacuum tubes is the main component of solar water heater and collectors.The evacuated tube is similar to a...

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Working Principle

Solar system completely made of glass and equipped with vacuum tube, converts solar energy to heat energy thanks to high absorbation ...

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Evacuated tube collectors are superior to flat plate collectors in a number of ways. Due to the cylindrical shape of the evacuated tube ...

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