Vacuum Tubes Solar Heater System

18 Vacuum Tubes Solar Heater System

Number of Tubes 18
Tube Size (mm) 47x1800
Absorbent Surface 3
Tank Size 420x1270
Number of User 2/3 Person
Outer Tank RAL 9002/304 CHROME/430 CHROME
Inner Tank 304 CHROME


Evacuated tube collectors are superior to flat plate collectors in a number of ways. Due to the cylindrical shape of the evacuated tube, the sun is perpendicular to the surface of the glass for most of the day. Flat plate collectors have the disadvantage that the sun is only perpendicular to the collector at noon and thus a proportion of the sunlight striking the surface of the collector is likely to be reflected. As the name suggests, air is evacuated from the evacuated tube to form a vacuum. This greatly reduces conductive and convective heat loss from the interior of the tube. As a result wind and cold temperatures have minimal effect on the efficiency of the evacuated tube collector.

Working Principle

Solar system completely made of glass and equipped with vacuum tube, converts solar energy to heat energy thanks to high absorbation and film covering’s low level of diffusion. It’s not required an additional power supply to work the system. The characteristic of natural circulation of the cold and hot water in the vacuum tubes : heated water goes to hot water tank above because of the fact that the heated water in the vacuum tube’s density decreases. The water in the hot water tank replaces with coming hot water, going down because of the fact that its density is more. So that natural circulation happens and the water in the tank is stored by being heated.

Why Choose Us?

  • Iit does not leave you in the lurch in winter.Absorbent surface is selective and its efficiency is quite high
  • Total weight including the montage parts for the roof is 100 kg
  • It is long lasting.It functions even at 25 celcius,antifreeze is not needed ever year and it does not freze
  • its montage and transportation is quite easy,that is,portable.
  • thanks to evacuated glass tube,it continues to meet your need of hot water in winters which the temperature is below 0 celcius.”