Pressurized Solar Water Heater

24 Heat Pipe Integrated Pressurized Solar Water Heater

Number of Tubes 24
Tube Size (mm) 47x1800
Absorbent Surface 3,8
Volume of Tank 420x2070
Operation Tank Pressure 4 BAR
Outer Tank RAL 9002 Galvanized Steal
İnner Tank 2 MM Steal and enamel coating


        This product combines the ease of use of closed-loop pressure systems with water capacity of open-loop unpressurized systems. The most important feature that separates this product from the others is that it works without having any equipment in the reservoir such as double-wall, serpentine and, heat-exchanger. In order to achieve this, a special designed sealing ring has been developed to resist against pressure.
        The cold tab water, entering reservoir, is heated by natural convection thanks to vacuum tube and glass heat pipe, which are specially designed, and becomes ready to use as hot water.
        A pressure reducer is placed in the inlet of the system, designed to work pressure of max 4 barsh to ensure comfortable hot water usage, to protect it from instantaneous pressure fluctuations in the city water supply. In addition, a temperature and pressure control valve is placed to prevent overheating of the system in summer.
        The inner surface of the hot water reservoir is coated with titanium enamel so that the system is hygienic and resistant to corrosion. Our new frame, having a modern and ergonomic design, is safe against environmental effects such as snow load, wind, etc.
        The frame provides ease of assembly. So it can be installed easily on any kind of ground or platform.
        In this system, unlike non pressurized one, it is not necessary to set it up to raise the level difference. It can also be installed in the garden instead of the roof at home to prevent visual pollution. It is also ideal for the top floors of the apartments.