Solar Heating System

Workıng Prıncıple of Solar Heatıng System

NATURAL CIRCULATION THEORY  Solar system completely made of glass and equipped with vacuum tube, converts solar energy to heat energy thanks to high absorbation and film covering’s low level of diffusion. It’s not required an additional power supply to work the system. The characteristic of natural circulation of the cold and hot water in the vacuum tubes : heated water goes to hot water tank above because of the fact that the heated water in the vacuum tube’s density decreases. The water in the hot water tank replaces with coming hot water, going down because of the fact that its density is more. So that natural circulation happens and the water in the tank is stored by being heated.
 SWHs equipped with developed solar vacuum collector heaters made of completely glass and rustless steel-AIN have more efficiency and lasts longer. (nearly 20 years)

  • Heat tubes’ material is high boron silicone glass used together with absorbing covering consisting of M-AIN cermet covering. So that tubes show resistance to hails and have high heat efficiency.
  • Interior store is made of imported rustless steel sus304-2B
  • Exterior surroinding’s material is made of imported sus304-2B or rustless steel BA or colorful plaque. .
  • Insulation material and imported polyurethane used for cold keeper, solar collector are protected by vacuum tubes. Therefore it becomes more long-lasting.
  • The material of the leaking protector is silica gel. So that it gets long-lasting.
  • It can be added electrical heater (resistance) to the system according to the demands.
  • Wonderful colors to integrate, human-made, high resistance, proper installation and SWH to the buildings.
  • Lasting steel plaques creates an antiseptic covering on the frame.