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Sistem Tubular

About Us

Sistem Enerji Uretim San Tic Ltd, started its activities in the production sector, in 1994 under the leadership of Nazım ÇİMEN, the founder partner who wanted to combine his experiences in the field of Mechanical Engineering with his ideals, and carried on its work under the name of “Sistem Tubular” brand.
Sistem Enerji Uretim San Tic Ltd. is the first company in Turkey which has started the vacuum tube solar water heater instead of flat plate solar energy. Innovations not limited to this, today’s pressurized solar water heater is created by the ongoing R & D works, and this product has been internationally patented. Our company which is frequently mentioned with its investments, is the biggest shareholder and founding partner of Solar-san Vacuum Glass Tube Production San Tic A.S company which produces vacuum glass tube. Sistem Tubular has 30.000 units of solar water heater and 2000 units of solid fuel boiler production capacity as well as. Investments are not limited to Turkey. By establishing a solar water heater factory in Mexico with annual capacity of 30,000 units, we continue to create jobs both at home and abroad.
Our company has created a team of engineers in the factory that uses advanced technology to carry out innovative designs. In this respect, we have the opportunity to develop, produce and present our products to consumers in a multi-purpose and functional manner.
“Sistem Tubular” continues to grow with its widespread domestic and international sales networks.


Quality Standarts

the mission of our corporation is constantly getting improved towards better quality rank with the collaboration and efforts of all our staff, providing the customers' needs and expectations, appointing our high quality degree with specialized employees, and depending on competitive market taking the first place, in the area of vaccum tube with solar system

Our Mıssıon & Vısıon

Since ‘the system Tubular’ was established, it has closely followed the sector in which it participates and it has given priority to modernity and enterprise. It has been favourite of the sector in the region with technic substructure, information and experience and the ability to provide quality. Our company following closely the requirements of the information age has adopted a human-oriented philosophy. While our customers’ needs are meeted, a smiling face, professional experience and business ethics are taken into account. We consider the idea of rapid and high quality service as our indispensible principles by closely following the sectoral needs of our institutional and individual customers who we serve. While meeting our customers’ needs, we fully use our technic information and professional experience. We think that creating a good future will be much easier by sharing our information with others.
Since ‘the System Tubular’ was established it has provided part production for the industry of solar vacuum tube system. Moreover, it enhances itself in paralled with the developments in the industry sector. With a dynamic and continuing excitement, System Tubular keeps its institutional activities on a regional and natioanl bases without delay. Our company which thinks that providing quality will be possible only with technic information and experience will continue to be the favourite company of the region and will always keep its respectability and general improving outlook among national companies.