What are the main usage areas of solar energy?

Residential buildings (central system), Pool heating, Commercial establishments; Hotel Hospital Restaurant etc

Do your solar water heater can provide hot water for 7/24 & 4 seasons?

Thanks to the selective surface of vacuum tubes, solar water heater can provide hot water for 4 seasons in sunny days. Daytime heated water is stored at insulated storage, so it is ready to be used at night times.

Do your solar energy systems generate electricity?

No. They only heat water.

Do we need to add any extra material to prevent vacuum tubes to break?

Vacuum tube is made of specially developed borosilicate glass. They are tested up to 25mm sized external items. For this reason, they do not need protective glass or any other substance.

Can the vacuum tube solar energy system be installed with a flat and inclined roof?

Yes, System can be assembled by integrating according to the structure of the roof.

Can vacuum tube solar energy systems be used with large diameter heaters?

Yes. This means that when the appropriate models are connected in series, they can meet the large-scale hot water requirement of places such as schools, hospitals, hotels, pools. There is no limit to the size of the system.

Is maintenance and service necessary for vacuum-tube solar energy systems?

Under normal conditions, no maintenance is required. It is easy and cheap to change when one of the tubes break.

What is the estimated working life of vacuum tube solar energy systems?

Up to 10 to 15 years.

Is antifreeze required for vacuum tube solar energy system to work?


Is it necessary to drain off the vacuum tube solar system in the winter months?

If the building is not used in winter, the water should be drained to prevent the water from freezing and damaging the product.